Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miracle Boy in Russia

From AOL news( US) : Thousands of Muslims have been traveling to a remote town in a war-torn region of southern Russian hoping to see verses from Islam's holy book appear on the skin of a "miracle baby."
The parents of 9-month-old Ali Yakubov said the word "Allah" appeared on his chin soon after his birth, The Sun reported.
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Itar-Tass / Landov
Pink writing appears on the leg of 9-month-old Ali Yakubov. His parents say verses from the Quran appear and fade on the baby's body.
Since then, verses of the Quran in Arabic script have appeared -- and then faded away -- on the infant's back, arms, leg and stomach, his parents and local officials say.
"Normally those signs appear twice a week -- on Mondays and on the nights between Thursdays and Fridays," Ali's mother was quoted as saying.
She said that Ali's temperature typically rises before the writings appear.
The parents deny the words, which look like raised pink birthmarks, were inked on. Local doctors have not been able to explain the phenomenon.
Meanwhile, around 2,000 people per day have been traveling to the family's home in Kizlyar in Dagestan. One woman said she had come all the way from Ukraine to see the baby.
The Russian republic, located in the North Caucasus on the border of Chechnya, has been plagued by violence as security forces clash with militant Islamic separatists.
Believers say that makes the sacred writings on little Ali even more important.
"The fact that this miracle happened here is a signal to us to take the lead and help our brothers and sisters find peace," the head of the Kizlyar region, Sagid Murtazaliyev, told reporters, according to ABC News. "We must not forget there is a war going on here."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Duty toward your Creator

The offensive toward the Islamic cultural monuments especially to the masjid al aqsa, the third sacred mosque to the muslims, by the Jewish entity should not be left without responds. To keep mum to this offensive is much bigger offence to the almighty. The moves by the Israeli regime to dig inside the tunnel under the mosque and its premise in the name of excavation for archeological purposes, is mere for putting the sacred mosque at the risk and eliminate the cultural and religious existence of the Palestinian people. Nobody would expect and call for the justice from this illegitimate regime in this regard as the entire world know well its stance toward all humanitarian issues of children and ailed people in the war torn area of Palestine. Striking the refugee camps and hunting children are habit and hobby of this jewish army in illegally possessed land. the international muslim community very frequently called for stopping such moves, but all that moves were in vein. This makes the muslim world more responsible toward doing anything creative to save their sacred mosque.
Do we muslims need consent or call from the super powers for hold democratic agitations and peaceful processions as part of their religious duty toward the almighty Allah ? Why should we expect any sympathy and support from anybody for fulfilling our religious duty? Or how long can we wait for any initiative from those who throng on throne of Arab countries which got from their ancestors ? The enemy always tried to make us busy on our internal issues and to implement their agenda among us.