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Roots of Terror

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The role of parties in Religious extremism is a subject to be discussed about for curbing this grave phenomena in the minds of youngsters. For tackling the issuewe can assume the following:

1. both Muslin league and PDP are political parties whose ultimate aim is to come in to the power just like any other party established in India or elsewhere.

2. Both of them are mainly focusing on the vote bank of Muslim and backward community in Kerala.

3. Both entered in a rivalry-like competition from PDP’s very birth time. One will flourish where the other go weak.

So, the allegation of Muslim league against Maadani involving in antisocial activities is politically motivated rather than realistic, though it has a big role in fuelling in extremist thoughts of couple of weak minded men which led them to go ahead with terrorist activities. He abandoned fully the hard line policy followed by Maadani in his Pre jail time, and he explicitly proclaimed his new stand after his release.

And Maadani also wanted to survive in the political arena, so he continued his anti league propaganda and tried to appease the left parties in kerala for a berth in LDF. He had to prove his mass support from minority community, therefore he used the policy of sensation rather a plan of wisdom.

The” Thadiyantavide Nazeer” factor played a pivotal role in this row. Muslim league utilized this issue to prove their stand against extremist line, and to justify their past moderate line which was much criticized vastly by the community especially in the Post babri demolition time.

The same Nazeer factor made Maadani defensive, and tried to cover up their previous extremist speeches which made very few number of “Nazeers” birth though it was a big blow in the heart of community.

More importantly, what is the real cause behind the Nazeerism.? Only Maadani ? Never. Every body has his share in this blood.

Firstly, Parivar family, who made Gujarat, Babri etc.

Secondly, Congress like main parties, who couldn’t curb the Hindu religious fanatics, fearing the leakage in the less educated mass Hindu population as well as its withdrawal from the non alienation movement front to join in the US led coalition.

Thirdly, Kerala CPM & Jamaath, who used international issues like war against terror for a woe the vote of Muslims, which has actually least role in the Kerala community. Jaamath Islamy, an organization of international characteristics supported CPM for its anti-colonial movement which has less important in common life of Indian Muslims. These trio comprised of CPM, Jamaath and PDP elements created unnecessarily a feeling of insecurity in the minds of Muslims. It is evident that a vast majority of Muslims of India as a whole feel unsecure for lack of long sited leadership, which is irrelevant in the Kerala sphere.

Fourthly, Muslim league who failed in reading the minds of Muslim community in post babri time and act vigorously for solace in grief stricken minority duly. IUML was not ready to give up coalition with the congress even for a while to show its solidarity for the community. This reluctance was interpreted by its foes as IUML’s greed to clinch on the power and PDP like extremist element could divide the community into the uncertainty and pessimism as well as to expose IUML’s internal decay and immoral activities before the mass people, though it was very common in all parties, to which lost its election and later it raised to the occasion and admitted that it had learned its lesson.

In brief, Every party has its share in breeding and growing the extremism up in Kerala for its double-faced stances or inability to act realistic.
But, as for a Respectable community, it is imperative that its has no progress in thinking counter productive or accuse each other for its pathetic condition. The social empowerment is achieved only by education and poverty eradication. The energy exhausted by accusing and tarnishing each Muslim parties supposedly for mobilizing in future plan for a better existence.

CPM uses this vulnerable and sensitive issues for devastate the stability and confidence of community ( E.g. Issue of Saddam’s execution ) and divide them and earn a small portion of votes by it.

Moderate in criticism and continuous self assessment in each parties should be well practiced for well being of the community. All parties in the community established for or Respect the opponent.

Every body has to understand that nobody can uproot his opponent with sharp tongues rather, it gather energy through it. finally, it is not a fight between ultimate truth and evil, but between relative truths. We have a lot to learn from the Christian parties and Christian leaders in all parties as they use less energy to fight each other, focus on productive activities in favour of concerned community. Even Left front had worked hard to correct the stance of congress in international and human right issues in previous UPA govt. Any party can attract the people by its creative interference in political course of India. Not by using a policy of violence and hatred.

The new PDP is no more preaching or practicing terrorism and Nazeer phenomena is because of deviation in islamic path and cannot be translated to be a trend in whole community. But mainstream papers made propaganda just for their commercial interests and policy of sensationalism which League used to slap on face of ideological enemy. Maadani was never made symbol of community even though he tries to make the things religious, that is his politics. Maadani, who frequently refutes his involvement in terrorist activities as well as his supporting political outfits like CPM have a huge responsibility of proving their innocence in contaminating the younger generation the extremist ideologies and pulling them to the depth of pessimism about the country. This negative thinking and injecting such lessons in the immature generation sometimes produces depression and mass hysteria in the people. This is the root course for such antisocial activities. So we need to work hard for maintaining peace and confidence in the mind of people. So let the treatment start from minds.

Here, religious leaders can Do much for this. A good believer never go sad about difficulties, rather it strengthen the belief in the great mercy of Allah. We can absorb such lessons from Old sufi men who made the hurdles  way of worship and attained great grades in the greatness with Allah. An islam without thasavuf is body without sprit.

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