Friday, July 31, 2009

Dowry , A Curse of The Community

The news coming daily on dowry frauds following marriage functions should be an eye-opening fact to our society from the inaction towards the ill treat to the marriage issues of community. The trained robbers in disguise of grooms intruded in to the our community from outside to squeeze the money and chastity of poor brides who dream over years to marital life with their life partners. These grooms who manage to marry the poor girls and steal the money and jewelry from the house of brides actually win the game with a great help of the brokers and manipulated relatives chartered for the function against a big amount from the groom.
This reveals to the fact that the community it self sees the issue with no serious and support such filthy cheatings. The fate of such cases also would be in oblivion with a mercy extended by the police. The first and prime accused in these cases are the parents of the brides as well as the Mahallu leaders. We are accustomed to make affair with any young ones coming forward irrespective of their family status and native place. This proves that the very marriage also became a mere deal for money after which the client would be irresponsible to it. The marriage functions also a good chance for flourish the business of traders and gold merchants.
A huge money saved in entire life meant for a livelihood would be elapsed and squandered off for such functions owing to the ill practices prevailed in the community for centuries. The practice of dowry and harassments take place for such needs, have a pivotal role for such distresses. This is in other words a forceful robbery of property of others in disguise of customs which is fully unacceptable and unjust in the viewpoint of religion.
Here the responsibility of the religious leadership is huge as well as imperative. The Mahallu system is a tiny autonomy of muslim community in which many morals can be implemented as restricting ill practices like the dowry.

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