Monday, August 3, 2009

ആ കുളിര്‍ക്കാറ്റ്‌ ഇനിയില്ല

With the sad demise of syed Muhammad ali Shihab Thangal, Kerala is for ever in loss of a cute leadership of consensus of political and social as well as religious differences, obstacles in front of the journey of normal Malayali life. Whenever the forces of evil tried to hold the grip in the soil of Kerala for destabilizing the community and ruining harmony in the cultural Kerala, he appeared as an angel of hope or a prophet of peace.
What was he, actually. Which peculiarity served him for having a towering personality? Some characteristics which was widely admitted and attributed to him is his devotion to the peacefulness, the respect to the opposition, heeding to the claims of the other side, moderation in talk and in reactions, above all the intense love to the well being of the people.
He donated the solace to the grief- stricken poor., he married the love of fellows and followers, he patted the kindness to all who approached him, judged the truth in the disputes, he wore the smile of shield against his foes. But in his blessed presents the border line of friend and foes melted away and the flame of hatred faded away.
A charismatic personality within a society is a godly bless to them saving them from differences and disputes within. The frustrations and fractional fractures rouse every now and then within the society of Kerala were, thus, dealt with a healing touch of love and passion. Those disappointed with the dried realities of life, and deserted in the burning sun of inability sought the shadows of that giant tree stretched its goodies all over the state.
This great man served an unblemished smile of solace for all those knocked his door which was open to all- irrespective of their caste or creed - with their wounded hearts and returned home with heartfelt joy of remedy. I got to read one’s experience with him as once he reached for an appointment with him at the House of Kodappanakkal on the wee hours of night- sharply 1.30 am – to obtain the first turn of his next day’s meeting when the door was going to be closed after a day longed meetings with the visitors, seeing a new visitor in his door step, he ordered to his aid to allow him to have a meeting with him , not letting him to wait until morning. Thus the darkness of gloomy nights fades away, giving space for a radiance of solace from this Shihab ( flame of Guidance ). May Allah shower His mercy upon him.

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