Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today Is Yours

If you are at dawn don’t expect the dusk, today is only you are living in, not yesterday which is already gone by with its goods and evils, nor tomorrow which is not yet came forth. Today which is shined its sun and won its day light is today only. Your age is one day only. So keep the thought of life of today as if you were born today and would be died of today itself. Then your life will not slip down in the mess and chaos of past or its dilemma. And between the anxiety of future and traps and its dreadful crawls. So put your care, concentration for today only and put your effort and innovations for the available day only.

So for this day you perform your prayer at its best and recite the holy Quran with ponder and thoughts. Read carefully, supplicate mindfully. Keep a balance in all matters concerned. Improve your behavior, be satisfied with that you were bestowed, be pretty in look, take care in health and be helpful for others. For today in which you live, its hours are divided off, it’s minutes are converted into years, its seconds into months, sow your seed of goodness in it. Perform nice things, repent about your sins, remember your lord, prepare for the departure.

Live today happily and cheerfully, calmly and peacefully, be satisfied of your bread, partner, kids, position, home, knowledge, your position. Take that all you were given and be grateful. Live today without fury or worry , nor spite or desperate. So you should write on board of your heart and to fill your office with this message : today is yours.

If you have had hot bread today, does yesterday’s raw bread worry you ? or a bread of tomorrow which is not yet came out.

If you drank pure sweet water today, why you are worry about saline bitter water of yesterday or why to concern about tomorrows hot and bitter one. If you believe in yourself with a type of will power, you can conquer the thesis of “ I never lived a life until this day’ . when you utilize each of your moments available today for develop your caliber , build your personality and improve your job, you do say : I will do something for today only and I will improve my wordings and I will not utter vulgar languages, or blame others or back bite your brothers, For today only I will arrange my home and office in tidiness, keep things systematic, so no mess or chaos in home or office.

For today only I will care about neatness of my body, fairness in look, will concerned in dress, keep balance in walking or movements. For today only I live and try my best to obey my Lord, to offer my prayer by its best, increase my optional prayers, recite Quran, look in my notes, memorize any quotes, and read any useful books.

For today only , I will live, I will plant virtues in my heart, and I will root out the plants of evils along with the trunks filled with pride, arrogance, ego, envy grudge, spite and misconceptions.

For today only I will live and be useful for others, extend good to brothers, visit those who suffer, participate in funeral ceremony, guide those who lost their ways, feed the hungry, stand up for victim, support for disabled, console the depressed, respect the scholars, be merciful for young ones and honour elders.

For today only I will live, oh the past which is over, ended and set your sun. I will never lament on you. You will not see me stand up for remember you for one moment. Because you have left us and abandoned, departed us and you will never return to us forever.

Oh my future, you are fantasy, so I will not deal with the dreams. I cannot sell myself to myths. And I will not hurry to birth of nonexistent. Because tomorrow is nothing, because it is not yet created, and because it is not mentionable.

Today is yours oh man, the nicest word in dictionary of victory for who wish to live in its best shape and its finest look.

(Translated from the Arabic book ‘La thahzan’-Don’t worry)

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